Am vrut să aflu

...cum voi muri. Am făcut un test şi am aflat. Hmm, încântătoare perspectivă.

When Will I Die

4 comentarii:

  1. Anonim spunea...

    February 23, 2017: Exhaustion due to non-stop gaming. You really got into playing a MMORPG and have been consumed by it. You hardly sleep and your diet consists of nothing more than energy drinks and chips. Your friends are all worried about you and try to get you to stop. You finally see that this has gotten way out of hand and promise to stop... just as soon as you finish this last game. You die of exhaustion and heart failure 30 minutes later  

  2. Anca Dionisie spunea...

    in 2016,4 iulie????Nici nu ma gandesc!;)  

  3. Un om...normal spunea...

    Făniță, vei muri exact când vroiai să te lași... damn!:)
    Anca, chiar de ziua SUA?  

  4. brontozaurel spunea...

    January 29, 2023: Asphyxiating on your own farts. - exact asa mi-a iesit si mie :))  


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